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Questions and Answers

Please find below answers to the most common questions we get.
If you have any other questions please Contact Us.

Q: Does it cost anything to have a consultation with Mason Maison?
A: We like welcoming new clients and understanding their ideas and vision, that's why we do not charge for a 1 hour consultation. After the 1 hour consultation we will give you a breakdown of our fees tailored to your specific requirements. Anything over 1 hour is charged at £50 per hour (inc VAT). If you would like a report with our advice as discussed during the consultation, this is charged at a fixed fee of £150 (inc VAT).

Q: What styles do you design in?
A: We do not have a set style. We embrace various styles and we enjoy pushing boundaries with new design concepts. We appreciate that not every home is the same and therefore everything we do is bespoke to your home and your 
individual tastes.

Q: How much does it cost to have an interior designer?
A: We hear this question a lot and it 
really does depend on what you would like designing. We would not want to be known for being really expensive, that is why we have broken down our services into four main categories:
1) 3D Design and Renderings;

2) Inspiring Mood Boards and Shopping Lists;
3) The Full Interior Design Service;
4) Dressing of the Home/Rooms.
All four of our services are priced at a fixed fee. Once we have had a consultation a breakdown of the costs will be given, allowing you to choose which services you would like.

Q: What rooms can you design?
A: There is not a room/space in inside or outside the home we could not design for our clients. We have experience in designing all types of rooms. We specialise in open plan designs (Kitchen, Dining and Living Rooms). We know that these are the most challenging rooms to design, with so many different elements to take into consideration. We also know that this is where clients need the most amount of help, to ensure comfort, relaxation and that the space is used to its full potential. This is a hard task, but we love achieving our clients desired look and feel.

Q: Do we have to employ tradesmen to carry out the work?
A: Yes, However we can help you find the best tradesmen for the job. We are experienced in working with professional tradesmen and have recommendations that can be given. If you have tradesmen in mind then we are more than happy to work with them on the project.

Q: Can you just put our ideas into 3D/Rendering? 
A: Yes, we offer all our services as standalone services. We provide full 3D Designs/Renderings so you can see the space before it has been built, allowing you to tweak the design if needed.

Q: Once building work has been completed can you come and dress our home/room for us?
A: Yes, once the building work has been completed we can dress your home for you. Either with your own furniture/accessories or we can source and supply newly purchased furniture/accessories for your home. 

Q: What do you mean by "dressing of the home?"
A: We are home styling experts, working with you to achieve a beautiful home that enhances its full potential. Whether your project is to create your dream; offer a business service such as a holiday let or to sell your home and maximise your return on investment, a bespoke well dressed home will optimise every space and perhaps most importantly look and feel exquisite.

Q: Where do you source your furniture/accessories from?
A: As you can appreciate we work with lots of clients with various budgets, so the long and short of it is, everywhere. We try to find the best quality products for the best possible price for our clients, as we believe every project is unique.

Q: Can you design a bespoke unit or wardrobe?
A: Yes, we often design bespoke furniture for our clients. Having a bespoke unit or furniture added to your home can really enhance the space and give it that overall wow factor. This has to be specifically designed in a way that naturally complements the space, so that it does not look odd/out of place. We are able to put this into 3D Design/Rendering for you, so that you can see what it looks like before it has even been built.

Q: Can you work on new build homes?
A: Yes, we do this from either design concept or once you have moved into the new home. We find that clients really struggle when given a complete blank canvass, to fully envisage what their home could look like. We can add soul to your new build and make it come to life, so that the home is individual to you.

Q: Can you design a Holiday Home/Apartment/Room?
A: Yes, as the rental market has considerably changed in recent years, many people are either renting out a room or moving away from the traditional letting of a property. The demand has soared for private places to rent in the holiday market. After looking on holiday let portals many homes are struggling to standout amongst the crowd, because of the very competitive environment, so we now offer a Design and Staging Holiday let Package. This offers our clients a chance to grab more bookings at a higher rate by making the property much more desirable. From bespoke rooms to full holiday let designs, we can help every step of the way.

Q: Can you design a garden?
A: In the last few years it has become increasingly popular to have outdoor bespoke Kitchen/Dining/BBQ areas that make gardens feel much more a part of the home. We have extended our service to include garden/outdoor design, as we are more than equipped to design outdoor, as well as indoor spaces. 


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