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Jack Mason Creative Director:
I have had this idea for around 15 years now. I first started out by wanting to gain experience in the building trade as a labourer and carpenter. I then progressed into estate agency, which provided an opportunity to speak to prospective buyers and home owners to really help them find the property that they wanted to call home. After this I was invited to move into the mortgage industry as a mortgage broker. This gave me experience in the process of purchasing a property including the financial obligations and the all-important ability to effectively negotiate.

Ok if I have to admit it, I wasn’t sure 15 years ago what my precise plan was, except that I had a passion for property and helping people. Initially, I wanted to build my own home; this then moved onto building my own property portfolio when I moved into estate agency. It was at this point I unearthed my talent for being able to walk into a persons’ home that was for sale and inform the perspective buyer as to ideas I had for renovation and re-design of the property. I enjoyed being able to provide this vision and then the questions started: Are you an interior designer? Would you be able to help me re-design my home? Have you ever thought about being an interior designer? And if not, why not?! This is when Mason Maison was born. I realised by considering matters from a prospective buyers’ point of view that there were a number of properties for sale but that none were quite matching the prospective buyers’ criteria. I did a considerable amount of research on home staging second hand homes and was shocked to realise that there were not many, if not any, businesses that were truly geared at helping homeowners sell their property for what it’s worth.
If I am being honest, when I moved into the mortgage industry my heart was not in it but I convinced myself that I needed a “good trade.” My true passion was in fact property design, renovation and that real creative element to making a property a home.

Of course being a mortgage advisor has only enriched my background and understanding. It has taught me a valuable lesson, namely that people will really pay that extra amount of money for a property that ticks all the boxes because let’s face it, home isn’t a place it’s a feeling and who doesn’t want to enjoy their own home?

I sat asking myself questions when I worked as an estate agent and then as a mortgage broker: Why doesn’t anyone truly help people maximise a homes’ value by staging or re-designing to help get the highest offers for the property? All I could see when I looked on the property market were lots of house price reductions as properties were ultimately not meeting prospective buyers’ expectations and needs. This meant that for estate agents there was no choice but to persuade homeowners to reduce their sale price. There was just one option (as opposed to a solution) and that was to take a financial hit by significantly reducing the sale price as prospective buyers would either dismiss the property altogether or put in a considerably lower offer to cover the costs of renovation.

By working with estate agents and current home owners to truly help them begin again, we strive to provide a service that clients can believe in and trust, whereby honest advice and assistance is given to help them lead a happier life, in a home they are happier with. Whether that is a change in property or staying in their newly re-designed home, the options are endless.
 Our vision:
To build a brand that would overall help people move forward and live a better life, as ones’ home is the starting point for so much happiness.


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